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FOOD is an intimate dinner party performance that uses smell, taste, touch and audience instruction to feed a meditation on the ways and whys of eating. Why do you eat what you eat? Where does it come from? What does it really cost?
At the heart of FOOD is a table of soil, surrounded by audience members. The show is performed in, on and under this soil. With his signature theatrical flavour combining rigorous design and stage illusion with an absurdist sense of humour, Sobelle pulls you into the poetic mystery of soil – the source of everything you eat. From the naked earth emerge fields of bison taken over by fields of wheat and then dust, train-lines and subdivisions, crops and companies, farms and factories, plantations and superstores all growing from the ground in a dance of agriculture – to deliver a forkful to you, the audience-consumer.


Show Duration: 75 mins
Stage/Venue Size: min. 50’ wide x 40’ deep plus wings / height: 22’ to the grid/catwalks etc.
Venue Capacity: max. 120
Touring Party: 8

Wolfgang Hoffmann



Created & performed by:
Geoff Sobelle
Director: Lee Sunday Evans
Steve Cuiffo
Sound Design: Tei Blow
Lighting Design: Isabella Byrd
Props Creation: Jessie Baldinger, Julian Crouch, Steve Cuiffo, Nathan (Pierre) Lemoine, Raphael Mishler, Connor O’Leary, Geoff Sobelle, Matthew Soltesz, Christopher Swetcky
Chandelier Creation:
Steven Dufala
Associate Sound Design:
Ryan Gamblin
Creative Stage Manager:
Lisa McGinn
Production Manager/Technical Director: Chris Swetcky
Creative Producer: Jecca Barry

FOOD is commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), FringeArts Philadelphia, Allen & Meghan Thorpe, and Garth Patil. Additional support provided by the Wyncote Foundation. Developmental support provided by Mercury Store.