We are an international theatre booking agency and consultancy firm based in Berlin. We specialise in bringing physical theatre, contemporary circus and new theatrical formats to festivals and venues worldwide.















Aurora Nova director, Wolfgang Hoffmann has over 30 years experience and knowledge of the performing arts scene. He has an unrivaled network of international contacts and has programmed over 1,000 shows and events across all artistic genres from the radical and avant garde to highly commercial productions and events. The original Aurora Nova programme of international visual theatre and dance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe won several coveted awards and unprecedented critical acclaim.


For the past seven years, it’s been worth heading to Edinburgh in August simply to see what’s on at Aurora Nova.
The Observer

Whether you’re a theatre programmer looking for a single show or a festival director in need of ideas for a complete festival then contact us. We can help you develop new audiences, cater to specific communities, or simply re-engage your existing clientele. We will work with you creating programming strategies and providing customised support that takes into account the strengths and challenges of your organisation, specific audience groups and space.












As a booking agency, international cultural exchange is at the core of our work. However, that exchange sits in a larger reality of an increasingly urgent climate crisis. Environmental sustainability should therefore be an integral part of how we do our work. We believe that the cultural sector can be a leading contributor in creating a regenerative future that protects the planet and sustains everyone, everywhere.

Read more about our environmental policy statement and our commitments to integrate environmental sustainability in our work.


01 - 25 Jun, 2023NassimChina tourvariousChina
02 - 04 Jun, 2023ManifestoRuhrfestspieleRecklinghausenGermany
02 - 04 Jun, 2023Humans 2.0Singapore International Festival of ArtsSingaporeSingapore
10 - 11 Jun, 2023MateriaLa StradaBremenGermany
16 - 17 Jun 2023RunnersILT FestivalAarhusDenmark
16 - 17 Jun, 2023DimancheILT FestivalAarhusDenmark
29 Jun - 01 Jul, 2023The PulseGrec FestivalBarcelonaSpain
04 Jul, 2023BOOM!Funambolika FestivalPescaraItaly
05 - 08 Jul, 2023The PulseMontréal Complètement CirqueMontréalCanada
06 - 23 Jul, 2023ColossusComplejo TeatralBuenos AiresArgentina
07 - 15 Jul, 2023JulietaMontréal Complètement CirqueMontréalCanada
17 - 22 Jul, 2023The PulseGalway International Arts festivalGalwayIreland
22 - 23 Jul, 2023Air PlayNational Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)Kaohsiung CityTaiwan
28 Jul - 01 Aug, 2023The PulseLa StradaGrazAustria
29 Jul - 02 Aug, 2023PlaybookLa StradaGrazAustria
01 - 28 Aug, 2023Perhaps, Perhaps,... QuizásChina tourvariousChina
02 - 13 Aug, 2023A Spectacle of HerselfEdinburgh FringeEdinburghScotland
02 - 26 Aug, 2023GrowlerEdinburgh FringeEdinburghScotland
02 - 27 Aug, 2023Soldiers of TomorrowEdinburgh FringeEdinburghScotland
02 - 27 Aug, 2023Party SceneEdinburgh FringeEdinburghScotland
02 - 28 Aug, 2023Lost SolesEdinburgh FringeEdinburghScotland
03 - 27 Aug, 2023FOODEdinburgh International FestivalEdinburghScotland
04 - 26 Aug, 2023Circa's Peepshow (Club Remix)Edinburgh FringeEdinburghScotland
10 - 15 Aug, 2023Humans 2.0Sziget FestivalBudapestHungary
10 - 15 Aug, 2023BOOMSziget FestivalBudapestHungary
12 - 15 Aug, 2023WaterbombsParkteaternStockholmSweden
15 - 19 Aug, 2023DimancheEdinburgh International FestivalEdinburghScotland
15 - 27 Aug, 2023NomadEdinburgh FringeEdinburghScotland
17 - 19 Aug, 2023LuminescenceEdinburgh FringeEdinburghScotland
18 - 20 Aug, 2023Humans 2.0TheaterhausStuttgartGermany
23 - 26 Aug, 2023MateriaNoorderzon FestivalGroningenNetherlands
26 - 27 Aug, 2023BackupBOing! FestivalCanterburyEngland
05 Sep, 2023NautilusStadeumStadeGermany
17 Sep, 2023Play 3.0SPOT GroningenGroningenNetherlands




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