Ten Thousand Hours
Gravity & Other Myths











Everybody is a master of something.

Blink, step, jump, balance, flip, fly.

This is an ode to the countless hours needed to achieve great things.

A tribute to the dedication required to realise our physical ambitions.

An acknowledgement of the backstory that is often more spectacular than the finished product.

Eight elite acrobats investigate physical skill; how we obtain it, how we perfect it, and how it can transform our lives. Through highlighting the nuance of high-level acrobatics, audiences experience a heightened appreciation of the countless hours required to master the skills they are witnessing.


Show Duration: 60min, no interval
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: Min 10m wide x 9m deep / Height clearance of 6m
Touring Party: 9 (10)

Claudius Bensch


Director: Lachlan Binns
Associate Director:
Darcy Grant
Set & Lighting Designer:
Chris Petredis
Assistant Designer:
Max Mackenzie
Composer: Nick Martin, Shenzo Gregorio
Costume Designer:
Olivia Zanchetta
Production Manager:
Martin Schreiber
Creative Producer:
Jascha Boyce


Ten Thousand Hours
"The performance is a showcase of this company’s talent that extends way beyond acrobatics, into visual storytelling, movement, and contemporary dance."
Stage Whispers
"Regular gasps and squeals of disbelief from the audience members behind me, and spontaneous applause from the audience throughout, reassure me that it is not just me who thinks some of the skills on display are unbelievable. This is an almost mind blowing level of skill on display and what can be achieved with a dedicated pursuit of perfection."
The Clothesline
"Once again gravity and other myths bring shock, awe, and delight."
Glam Adelaide