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A group of people with Down’s syndrome take to the stage to share their longings and frustrations through a free version of Hamlet. The play is a weaving between Shakespeare’s text and the lives of the actors and takes as its starting point the question of existence: To be or not to be? What does it mean to be for people who cannot find spaces where they are taken into account?

Historically, people with DS have been considered a burden, a social waste. What value and meaning does their existence have today in a world where efficiency, production capacity and unattainable models of consumption and beauty are the paradigm of the human being?


Show Duration: 95min
Stage Size: Min 9m wide x 8m deep
Touring Party: 16

Pearl Herbert


Playwrite and direction: Chela De Ferrari
Associate direction and playwriting advisory: Claudia Tangoa, Jonathan Oliveros, Luis Alberto León
Cast: Octavio Bernaza, Jaime Cruz, Lucas Demarchi, Manuel García, Diana Gutierrez, Cristina León Barandiarán, Ximena Rodríguez, Álvaro Toledo
Vocal Training: Alessandra Rodríguez
Coreography: Mirella Carbone
Visuals: Lucho Soldevilla
Lighting Design: Jesús Reyes
Producer: Siu Jing Apau


"Another Hamlet is possible: actors with disabilities overcome prejudices and triumph on the theatrical stage"
Raquel Vidales, El PAÍS
"All the actors and actresses are Hamlet, each and every one of them are themselves, besides their other roles, they all show themselves from their own selves so that the spectators can complete their aesthetic incitement and elevate it to something that goes from the most personal to the collective, a great achievement of this proposal of an immeasurable artistic category."
Carlos Gil
"Merging things that were not born to be together and see how their union produces clarity over an area of the human that was in the dark: they say that is what art consists of."
Mariana de Althaus