Eleanor Bishop & Karin McCracken
New Zealand











Jamie and Ari like each other.

Karin and Tom do too. 😊

They might be at two separate parties, but their stories are identical.

Until they really aren’t.

Part confession, part documentary, part open conversation, YES YES YES is a theatre show created for young people that explores the knotty and necessary topics of healthy relationships, desire and consent. This latest work from award-winning duo Karin McCracken and Eleanor Bishop blends audience interaction with a captivating solo performance, and features in-depth interviews with teenagers from around Aotearoa. On the tide of #metoo and #timesup, YES YES YES is an essential conversation starter for teenagers, parents, teachers and anyone seeking to create positive change in the lives of our rangatahi.


Show Duration: 60min, no interval
Audience Suitability: 14+ (16+ for school groups)
Stage Size: Min 6m x 6m / Height clearance of 3m
Venue Capacity: 100 - 500
Touring Party: 3

Pearl Herbert


Creators/writers: Eleanor Bishop & Karin McCracken
Performance: Karin McCracken
Direction: Eleanor Bishop
Lighting Design: Rachel Marlow for Filament 11
Tour Producer: Fenn Gordon for Tandem


"Oh to have this show when we were 16…..A deceptively simple production… (that)…made time expand, so we were offered the space to slowly unpick moments which are often charged, messy and confused…."
Pantograph Punch
"it was funny, thoughtful and entirely relatable….I can't recommend this highly enough; it should be a must for teens and their caregivers."
NZ Herald
"It is heartening to consider how profound the contribution could be to the futures of all who see Yes Yes Yes, no matter where they are on the sexual experience spectrum. This is theatre that truly makes a positive difference."