Where Ye From?











Meet Growler, the 82-year-old drum banging, shamanic vulva from the Liberties in Dublin.

Wise as witches with a tongue like a lash and a heart of gold, she will take you on an alchemical theatrical journey.

Using storytelling, song, spoken word and filthy jokes, her mission is to give voice to the voiceless and to transmute the shite out of the female collective trauma.


Show Duration: 70min
Audience Suitability: 18+
Stage Size: Min 3m x 5m
Venue Capacity: 50 - 150
Touring Party: 3

Wolfgang Hoffmann


Created and Performed by: Dee Mulrooney


Where Ye From?
"Go in with an open mind (and heart) and you will leave with a fresh perspective on life"
Broadway Baby
"The beauty of Growler is in its roughness, its erratic meandering, its refusal to be one thing or another. It has a sacred chaos of its own, in which Mulrooney thrives."
The List
"Growler is an elixir of truth in a seemingly lost world. It's a story about you – not her."
Broadway Baby