The Pulse
Gravity & Other Myths











A pulsing, monolithic work of scale that unites audience, acrobat and choir into a single organism for a moment in time…

A shimmering mass of 30 acrobats and 30 Choir members unite and divide becoming spectacular systems and organisms of muscle, bone and voice.

Epic passages of seemingly impossible levels of cooperation and humanity, repeat, stretch, blossom and decay alluding to forces much greater than ourselves.

Watch as a mountain of bodies crumbles into an ocean of voice. Towering human structures move with precision through a pulsing web. Cobham’s sentient lighting design, combined with Grant’s inspired crowd management and Phoenix’s driving score, create an intricate, organic synchronicity of human movement and sound – all to the beat of your own pounding pulse!


Show Duration: 80min
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: Min 20m wide x 18m deep / Height clearance of 9m to grid
Venue Capacity: Designed for proscenium arch theatres with 600+ capacity
Touring Party: 30

Claudius Bensch


Director: Darcy Grant
Lighting & Set Designer:
Geoff Cobham
Composer: Ekrem Eli Phoenix
Company Producers:
Jascha Boyce, Jacob Randell, Darcy Grant
Executive Producer:
Torben Brookman
Sound System Design:
Mik Lavage
Production Manager:
Belinda Respondeck
Technical Director:
Marko Respondeck


The Pulse
"It’s a work of breathtaking magnitude; an absolute masterpiece, one of those shows you will remember for the rest of your life."
The List
"Circus with a big, pounding heart and an honest, earthy soul."
"The show is, in essence, a tribute to human connection and how we help each other grow."
The Scotsman