Elements of Freestyle
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In this adrenaline-fuelled explosion of extreme urban sports, dance, music and theatre, the Netherlands’ ISH Dance Collective create breathtaking poetry. Whether you float on ballet shoes or on skates, with ISH, it’s all dance.

Elements of Freestyle is about those redeeming seconds that make a complicated trick ultimately succeed; about the freestylers’ total focus on the moment, the ecstasy and the feeling of complete and total freedom. In a spectacular fusion of breakdance, inline skating, skateboarding, freestyle basketball, BMX and freerunning, the audience discovers the artistry behind the trick. Simultaneously both exquisitely beautiful and heart-poundingly exciting, director Marco Gerris’ (‘So You Think You Can Dance?’) show packs a punch. You simply will not believe your eyes.


Show Duration: 60min
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: 15m wide x 12m deep
Venue Capacity: 700 - 2.000
Touring Party: 19

Tzu-Yin Hsu


Director, choreographer: Marco Gerris
Dramaturg, assistant director: Arnout Lems
Composition: Rik Ronner, Annie Tangberg,
Vera van der Bie
Set design: Jerry Beckers (Solos International)
Graphic design set:
Donald Beekman
Lighting designer:
Mike den Ottolander


Elements of Freestyle
"Prepare to be amazed, prepare to be enthralled and prepare to never look at your bike or skates the same way again!"
The Reviews Hub 2022
★★★★★ “Urban arts elevated to dance”
★★★★ “Skaters and freerunners fly around in the breathtaking show Elements of Freestyle. In combination with emotion, passion and a smooth light design, your eyes will fall short to absorb this exciting show.”