Rave Lucid











“Spontaneous, involved and visceral.”

Rave Lucid is a tribute to electro dance, the first French urban dance created in the clubs of the 2000s, before migrating to the street world.

From trance to flight

Rave Lucid brings together ten dancers with strong personalities on stage. The highly choreographed dance leaves room for originality, combining the energy of movements at 120 bpm with the demand for unfailing concentration. With hypnotic arm games, they deploy both the world of rave, conceived as a celebration, a party, an organic trance, and the “lucid” side that requires extreme control to achieve perfect synchronisation of this new kind of electro ballet corps.

But the show is not afraid to play on the sensitive with moments of unreal suspension. It is true that its title also suggests “rêve lucide” (lucid dream)…


Show Duration: 50min
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: 12m wide x 10m deep
Venue Capacity: Up to 2.000
Touring Party: 13

Tzu-Yin Hsu


Artistic direction, design, choreography:
Brandon Masele & Laura Defretin
Cast: Achraf "Hflow" Bouzefour, Téo "Le Mino" Cellier, Filipe "Filfrap" Silva, Théa "X23" Haggiag-Meier, Océane "Haja" Marechal, Rulin "Lin" Kang, Manuela "Emrose" Le Daeron, Adrien "Vexus" Larrazet, Alice Lemonnier, Marie Levenez, Brandon "Miel" Masele, Khaled "Cerizz" Abdulahi


Rave Lucid