Featuring the savagely comedic feminist discourse of Adrienne Truscott with the slippery dramaturgy of Brokentalkers, MASTERCLASS parodies the “great male artist” to within an inch of his life in order to uncover some difficult truths about privilege and power.

The show begins in the form of a cockamamie masterclass performed by fed up feminist Adrienne Truscott and all around good guy Feidlim Cannon. It’s fun. It’s familiar. There are wigs. But there is something more at play.

Using the arts world as a metaphor, MASTERCLASS is a literate and hilarious examination of gender and power.


Show Duration: 60min
Stage Size: Min. 12m wide x 6m deep
Touring Party: 7

Pearl Herbert


Written by: Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan & Adrienne Truscott
Creative Producer: Rachel Bergin
Movement Director: Eddie Kay
Costume Design: Sarah Foley
Lighting Design: Dara Hoban
Set Design: Ellen Kirk
Sound Design: Jennifer O’Malley


★★★★★ “A stunning dissection of patriarchy, privilege and performance in a forceful work about sanctified male writers”
The List
★★★★★ “Brokentalkers are no strangers to culture-rattling narratives…[and] Truscott’s fathomless range as a comedian, finding gags where you don’t expect…[offering] an opportunity to ridicule, to demolish.”
The Irish Times
★★★★ “Powerful and Mesmerising”
The Times