Still Life











Conceived and directed by Sophie Linsmaux and Aurelio Mergola, Still Life’s Flesh makes playful, disruptive drama about our need for affection and recognition.

A stand-out at the 2022 Avignon Festival, this wordless dark burlesque in four short acts makes us lose all sense of proportion as we find ourselves laughing hysterically while feeling hideously appalled.

From the awkwardness of a hospital visit under Covid to a sophisticated, celebration party for two, from an embarrassing Titanic movie VR experience to a bizarre, post-funeral family gathering in a pub, Flesh is a modern fable that forces us to think about who we are and how much we need others.


Show Duration: 80min
Audience Suitability: 12+
Stage Size: Ideal 12m wide x 12m deep (Min: 10m wide x 11m deep) / Height clearance of 5.7m
Venue Capacity: 300 - 800
Touring Party: 7

Contact for bookings in french speaking countries:
Stéphanie Barboteau (BLOOM Project) : stephanie@bloomproject.be

Carolina Ortega


Concept & direction: Sophie Linsmaux, Aurelio Mergola
Scenario: Sophie Linsmaux, Aurelio Mergola,
Thomas van Zuylen
With: Muriel Legrand, Sophie Linsmaux, Aurelio Mergola
Movement Design:
Sophie Leso
Set: Aurélie Deloche
Props: Noémie Vanheste
Costumes: Camille Collin
Lighting: Guillaume Toussaint-Fromentin
General Management:
Nicolas Olivier
Sound Design: Eric Ronsse
Special Effects: Joachim Jannin


“Mute but far from silent, and phenomenally visual, their theatre resonates with what the audience projects onto it.”
La Libre Belgique
"Cleverly captivating and refreshingly funny, this production makes the ordinariness of being human sublime, communicating its stories using only bodies and totally without words."
Everything Theatre
“In these piquant chronicles of human habits in the 21st century, reality reveals its hilarious absurdity in a box of surprises (stunning set design by Aurélie Laroche).”
Focus Vif