Famous Puppet Death Scenes
The Old Trouts











From the depths of the Canadian wilderness, a show to touch the hardest heart. The title says it all, prepare to weep.

Or you could just laugh your head off as one by one this procession of short melodramas ends unhappily for its hero or heroine. Having researched the masterworks of puppet theatre, epics which have become the fulcrum for our hopes and fears, Old Trout Puppet Workshop cuts straight to the chase, excising all boring bits, getting right to the point.

The Old Trouts have toured the US and Europe, made films, books, music and paintings, and designed for many mainstage theatres in Canada. Steeped in the world of Edward Gorey and Penny Dreadfuls, they bring artistry and dark humour to favourites including The Feverish Heart by Nordo Frot, I hate my Little Brother by Sally, and The Ballad of Edward Grue by Samuel Groanswallow.


Show Duration: 60min
Audience Suitability: 14+
Stage Size: 7m x 7m / Height clearance of 4m
Venue Capacity: 100 - 300
Touring Party: 4

Carolina Ortega


Staring: Louisa Ashton, Aya Nakamura, Teele Uustani
Directed by: Peter Balkwill, Pityu Kenderes, Judd Palmer
Stage Managed by:
Mitchel Craib
Costumes: Mike Rinaldi
Lights: Amelia Newbert
Sound: Mike Rinaldi
Technical Direction:
Amelia Newbert
General Management:
Bob Davis
Set: Riley Milan/Tech Art Custom Creations


Famous Puppet Death Scenes
"Visually stunning and endlessly entertaining."
The LA Times
"Exquisite... boundless invention... virtuosity..."
Variety Magazine
"As funny as it is inventive"
The Guardian