Re: Incarnation
Qudus Onikeku











Re:INCARNATION is an interdisciplinary art creation, that showcases the depth of Yoruba philosophy, mixed with the current Nigerian youth culture. It features the work of Nigerian dancers marked by the rhythm and groove of LAGOS. Paying tribute to this richness, the choreography is written with a highly musical structure, combined with an intricate and carefully designed visual aesthetics, all layered in three parts. Birth | Death | Rebirth.

Showcaseing the depth of our youth culture, as well as the pure and uncompromising joy, which inhabits present day Nigeria and coming from a deep Yoruba cultural understanding, placed at the core of this multi-sensorial composition is the Yoruba central concept of reincarnation Ibi (birth), Iku (death), and Atunbi (re-birth) which offers a distinct way of thinking about time in a non-linear  but cyclical manner.


Show Duration: 90min
Audience Suitability: 10+
Stage Size: Min 12m wide x 8m deep / Height clearance of 6m
Venue Capacity: up to 800
Touring Party: 15

Tzu-Yin Hsu


Conception and Artistic Direction: Qudus Onikeku
Dancers: Adila Omotosho, Angela Okolo, Busayo Olowu, Faith Okoh, Joshua Gabriel, Sunday Ozegbe, Patience Ebute, Esther Essien, Wisdom Bethel, Addy Daniel
Live Music: Olatunde Obajeun, Victor Ademofe
Singer: Qudus Onikeku
Lights design: Mathew Yusuf
Stage manager: Isaak Lartey
Costume design: WACK NG
Mask makers: Nas Magnificent and Yusuf Aina Abogunde


Re: Incarnation
"He writes movement through tremors and gatherings, a vital force that overflows the stage."
Les Echos
"re:incarnation is an impressively layered look at memory and spirituality."
Dancing Times
"These bodies that move in an extremely astonishing way, that seem to metamorphose sometimes into a bird, into a devil, then into an inhuman body, into muscle. These bodies that undulate and float to the music, filled with an energy that draws us out of ourselves,..."
Toute La Culture