Play 3.0
Sirqus Alfon











With a lot of humor and warmth, Sirqus Alfon presents a surreal world accompanied by punkish electro-pop. With the help of laser, artificial intelligence, iPad magic, music, dance, and interaction, they invite the audience to an innovative modern dream play – strongly believing that everything is possible as long as we allow ourselves to play. Instead of aiming for perfection, their mission is to create a night of wonders. In Play 3.0 the crazy worlds within interact with the digital, the automated, and the physical.


Show Duration: 60min
Audience Suitability: 7+
Stage Size: Min 7,8m x 5m / Height clearance of 3,7m
Venue Capacity: 200 - 1.000
Touring Party: 4

Carolina Ortega


Composer & Creator:
Sirqus Alfon
Performer: Erik Rosales, Henrik Strindberg and
Martin Östman
Outside eye: Paula McManus
Set and costume design: Hanna Cecilia Lindkvist
Make-up and wig design: Agnes Kenttä
Sound engineer:
Philippe Bokmar
Creative producer: Follow the Rabbit/Josefin Lindberg
Playwright: Jani Lohikari


Play 3.0
”The tempo is high, the music pulsates, and the contact with the audience seems almost total.”
Swedish newspaper
“Play 3.0 cannot be put into any genre. Possibly a completely separate department within the performing arts. These are unique experiences that are offered to the spectators.”
Swedish newspaper
”I love you. You’re amazing. I think you’re brilliant!”
Howie Mandel on America’s got talent