Party Scene: Chemsex. Community. Crisis











Journey into the underbelly of queer culture and experience a sweaty pulsing dance theatre show exploring the complexities of desire, intimacy, isolation and addiction.

With an international company of incredible performers, Party Scene celebrates the heady high of the session but poses tough questions around drug use, sex, consent and mental health in the queer community. A bold and wild ride, the show sparks conversation around identity, self-worth, isolation, homophobia, family and care.

Part urgent gathering, part explosive event, Party Scene asks: when does an underground scene become a community crisis, and when is it time for the party to end?


Show Duration: 65min, no interval
Audience Suitability: 16+
Stage Size: Min 9m wide x 15m deep / Height clearance of 4.5m
Venue Capacity: 200 - 700
Touring Party: 11

Tzu-Yin Hsu


Created by:
Philip Connaughton,
Phillip McMahon
Performed by: Anderson de Souza, Liam Bixby, Carl Harrison, Matthew Morris
Producer: Carla Rogers
Lighting Design: SJ Shiels & Suzie Cummins
Sound Design: Frank Sweeney
Set & Costume Design:
Ellen Kirk
Dramaturg: Ruth Little


Party Scene: Chemsex. Community. Crisis
“Exceptional…Gripping and Seductive”
The Times
"Serving up dance theatre with images that speak and words you can see"
The Arts Review