A Spectacle Of Herself
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​A bold, cinematic, acrobatic odyssey through the frontiers of mental health, queerness, rage and the 21st Century space race, Laura Murphy presents A Spectacle of Herself – a vulnerable and deeply personal intervention into what it means to take up space, to spill out and be seen…

A Spectacle of Herself will adventure through shape shifting identities and landscapes as we join Laura on a mission to serve herself up [in]appropriately – for your consumption. With layers of autobiography, lip sync, creative captioning, video and aerial performance in Laura’s critical and cheeky signature style, A Spectacle of Herself navigates between the personal and the political to create a moving, entertaining and politically committed ride.


Show Duration: 60min
Audience Suitability: 16+
Stage Size: Min 6m deep x 7m wide / Height clearance of 6m to light grid
Venue Capacity: 150 - 300
Touring Party: 4

Carolina Ortega


Performer & Writer: Laura Murphy
Director: Ursula Martinez
Producer: Nicole A’Court-Stuart
Lighting Designer: Jen Roxburgh
Video Designer: Ben Glover
Film Maker: Holly Black
Production Manager: Dean Sudron
Devising Projection Designer: Mark Morreau
Access Consultant: Max Sutherland
Lip Sync Supervisor: Dickie Beau


A Spectacle Of Herself
‘a powerful and empowering piece of work’.. ‘Its political savvy, seen together with themes of physical and emotional nakedness, makes A Spectacle of Herself incredibly sexy.’ ★★★★
‘a testament to the transformative power of theatre’ ★★★★★
Morning Star
‘Laura Murphy’s brainchild is a blistering jigsaw of different artforms and personal thoughts.’ ★★★★
Everything Theatre