Du Bout Des Doigts











The language of contemporary dance can sometimes seem hermetic or challenging for newcomers. Du Bout Des Doigts to introduces a young audience to the richness of choreographic expression. A story is developed without using text and creating simple settings: iconic dance pieces interpreted by hands and bodies performed in miniature sets, filmed and projected on a cinema screen.

The aim is to share some masterpieces from the dance history of the 20th century and through images, place them in their historical time, compare their context and explain their artistic conception, choosing the most emblematic choreographies belonging to the history of dance and recreating them on the scale of hands.

Du Bout des Doigts is a performance that does not present itself as a didactic course, nor an exhaustive presentation, but aims, on the contrary, to suggest, to feel and to offer a space of reflection giving free rein to the imagination of each spectator.


Show Duration: 60min
Audience Suitability: 10+
Stage Size: Min. 9m x 8m / Height clearance of 7m
Venue Capacity: 500 - 1.000
Touring Party: 5

Wolfgang Hoffmann


Dance, Choreography: Gabriella Iacono, Gregory Grosjean
Set: Grégory Grosjean, Stefano Serra
Image: Julien Lambert
Light: Julien Lambert, Pierre de Wurstemberger Sound: Theo Jegat
Video, sound and light editor on stage: Denis Strykowski
Set manipulations: Didier Rodot
Technical Direction: Didier Rodot, Jean Benoit Ponteville
Video editing (film): Marjorie Cauwel
Intern (video assistant): Alexi Hennecker


Du Bout Des Doigts