Duck Pond











Feathers will fly in Circa’s exuberant take on Swan Lake.

The world’s most romantic ballet is re-imagined as a circus spectacular, full of Circa’s signature physicality and shot through with cheeky humour and a thoroughly contemporary energy.

Be swept away by this tale of swans and hapless princes sparkling with quirky touches like the sequinned flipper-wearing duck army and a burlesque black swan. There are sumptuous aerials, jaw-dropping acrobatics and of course feathers! Touching, funny and utterly entertaining, Duck Pond is a tale of identity and finding your true self.


Show Duration: 70min, no interval
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: Min 14m wide x 9m deep / Height clearance of 10.5m
Touring Party: 13

Danielle Devery


Created by Yaron Lifschitz and the Circa ensemble.
Director, Stage Design:
Yaron Lifschitz
Composer and Sound Designer: Jethro Woodward
Costume Designer:
Libby McDonnell
Lighting Designer:
Alexander Berlage
Associate Director:
Marty Evans
Dramaturg/Associate Choreographer: Rani Luther
Voice Over Artist: Elise Greig


Duck Pond
"Duck Pond may just be one of the most exhilarating and thought-provoking shows you will see this year"
"Boldly dramatic in its chaos and also charmingly magical in its whimsy"
Blue Curtains Brisbane
"Messing with Swan Lake is a risky business. You wouldn’t want to do that unless you were a bit of a genius. It so happens Yaron Lifschitz is"
In Queensland