Each August, Aurora Nova presents a hand-picked selection of international dance, physical theatre and circus at the largest arts festival in the world:
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

“For the past seven years, it’s been worth heading to Edinburgh in August simply to see what’s on at Aurora Nova”
The Observer


Inflatable Space - Thaddeus Phillips, USA

Backbone - Gravity & Other Myths, Australia

Un Poyo Rojo - Poyo Rojo, Argentina

Raven - still hungry, Germany

Humans - Circa, Australia

The Hospital - Jo Strømgren Kompani, Norway

Only Bones 1.0 - Thom Monckton / Kallo Collective, New Zealand / Finland

Contra - Laura Murphy, UK

21 - Memories of Growing Up - Mats Staub, Switzerland


Backup - Cie Focus & Cie Chaliwaté, Belgium

Infinita - Familie Flöz, Germany

HOME - Geoff Sobelle, USA

Wolfgang - Circa, Australia

Portraits in Motion - Volker Gerling, Germany

Synchronised Swimming - Ursus & Nadeschkin / Nadja Sieger & Ursus Wehrli, Switzerland

Our Country - Annie Saunders & Becca Wolff, USA


All Genius All Idiot - Svalbard Company, Sweden

All the Fun - Cie Ea Eo, Belgium

Batacchio - Cirk La Putkya, Czech Republic

Concerto a Tempo D'Umore - Orquestra de Cambra de L'Empordà in association with Aurora Nova, Catalonia

Declaration: Rematriation - ARTICLE 11, Canada

Different Party - Trygve Wakenshaw in association with DON'T BE LONELY and Aurora Nova, New Zealand

Fauna - Fauna, Sweden

Foreign Radical - Theatre Conspiracy, Canada

Me and Robin Hood - Hoipolloi, UK

Mouthpiece - Quote Unquote Collective in association with Why Not Theatre, Canada

NASSIM - Bush Theatre, UK

Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story - 2b theatre company, Canada

Un Poyo Rojo - Poyo Rojo in association with Aurora Nova, Argentina

Perhaps Perhaps...Quizás - Gabriela Muñoz, Mexico

Siri - La Messe Basse, Canada

The Duke - Hoipolloi, UK

Trygve vs A Baby - Trygve Wakenshaw with DON'T BE LONELY and Aurora Nova, New Zealand

Thus Spoke... - Groupe Gravel/Lepage, Canada


The Pianist - Circo Aereo and Thomas Monckton, Finland

Teatro Delusio - Familie Flöz, Germany

A Simple Space - Gravity & Other Myths, Australia

Pss Pss - Compagnia Baccalà, Switzerland

White Rabbit Red Rabbit - Nassim Soleimanpour, Iran

Under Ice - Artūro Areimos teatras and Oskaro Koršunovo teatras, Lithuania

The AniMotion Show: Peace and War - Maria Rud, Dj Dolphin Boy and David Heath, United Kingdom

BLANK - Nassim Soleimanpour, Iran

I Am Somebody - Sirqus Alfon, Sweden

Counting Sheep: A Guerilla Folk Opera - Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Canada

Only Bones - Kallo Collective, Finland

Moscow Boys - The Independent Theatre Project, Russia

The Blind Date Project - Created by Bojana Novakovic with Mark Winter, Tanya Goldberg and Thomas Henning; Produced by Andrew Carlberg, United States

Wounded Animals - Angela Wand, Sweden


Portraits in Motion - Volker Gerling, Germany

White Rabbit Red Rabbit - Nassim Soleimanpour, Iran

Hotel Paradiso - Familie Flöz, Germany

Dolls - Cirk La Putyka, Czech Republic

B-Orders - Palestinian Circus Company, Palestine

Kraken - Trygve Wakenshaw & Don't be Lonely Productions, New Zealand

17 Border Crossings - Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental, USA

Antiwords - Spitfire Company, Czech Republic

The AniMotion Show - Maria Rud, Ross Ashton & Evelyn Glennie, United Kingdom


White Rabbit Red Rabbit, Nassim Soleimanpour, Iran

Blind Hamlet - Actors Touring Company, UK & Nassim Soleimanpour, Iran

Circus Incognitus - Jamie Adkins & Drôles De Dames, Canada

A Simple Space - Gravity & Other Myths, Australia

This is Contemporary Ice Skating - Le Patin Libre, Canada

The Object Lesson - Geoff Sobelle, USA

How to Disappear Completely - The Chop Theatre & The Elbow Theatre Society, Canada