Oh Oh
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Oh Oh

Two characters simultaneously sure of themselves and completely lost, stumble onto the stage before us as though by accident. Wordlessly, through humour, acrobatics, and the universal language of the human body, the two go on an antic-filled voyage of discovery and transformation. Compagnia Baccalà’s latest show is firmly placed within the long history of Clown, refreshing without distorting this honourable tradition. The Company’s enthusiastic worldwide audiences will be thrilled to be reunited with these well-loved characters, whilst the uninitiated will discover them with delight.


Show Duration: 60 minutes
Audience Suitability: 9+
Stage Size: Min. 8m wide x 7m depth / Height clearance of min. 6,5m
Venue Capacity: 150-600
Touring Party: 4

Carolina Ortega



By & With: Camilla Pessi & Simone Fassari
Direction: Valerio Fassari & Louis Spagna
Artistic collaboration:
Pablo Ariel Bursztyn
Additional clown research: Valerio Fassari
Composer: Antonio Catalfamo
Lighting design: Marco Oliani
Costume design:
Fleur Marie Fuentes
S.O.S.costume: Ruth Mäusli
Aerial technique:
Françoise Cornet
Kate Higginbottom
Produced by:
Compagnia Baccalà
In co-production with: Teatro Sociale Bellinzona & Quai des Arts Rumilly


Oh Oh
"A wonder."
Le Figaro
"An exceptional result where forms and contents are the result of a unique harmony."
Giorgio Thoeni
"Magic and poetic."
Le Figaro