Memoirs of Mud
Sisus Sirkus











“I was forgiven and forgotten, in this world so rotten, Dropping like a hot potato, don’t call me a tomato.”

Memoirs of Mud is the touching journey of two ladies experiencing life’s diverse and juicy palette as they navigate through muddy terrain. With unique artistry and acrobatic skill, the duo unfolds a universe of dirt and plastic, exploring the polarity of the sanitised and the natural world.

Two wannabe farmers turn potatoes into crowns and handbags into greenhouses. They take the audience on an emotional journey from the wide horizon of childlike playfulness to deep despair, speaking about our relationship with our world and with one another.


Show Duration: 60min
Audience Suitability: 10+
Stage Size: 7m x 7m / Height clearance of 6m
Touring Party: 4 or 5

Lisa Laubner


Performers and authors: Imogen Huzel, Inka Pehkonen
Outside Eye: Santiago Ruis Albalate, Vejde Grind,
Gaby Munoz
Lighting Design: Kauri Klemelä
Music/Sound Design:
Timm Weber
Video: Karine Bravo
Costume Design:
Riikka Manni/Wriic’s
Producer: Farina Berndt


Memoirs of Mud
​"A show that beautifully combines powerful visual scenery, sounds and SMELLS"
"Pure, wild, unapologetic, comforting, grounding, uplifting, raw and beautiful."