Eight friends, all top-class artists and musicians, gather to live the moment and celebrate being together. Urged on by driving drum beats and accompanied by charming vocals and guitar, they let their crazy ideas run wild and rush from one grand finale to the next. All the while they are cheered on by each other and by their audience.
Surprising aesthetics coupled with the performance of unconventional feats result in unbridled energy and high spirits, further underscored by a mist of fog, confetti, and pulsating lights. Inspired by the sound of the underground, by daring Film stunts, and traditional circus tricks, FINALE pays the city of Berlin its brazen tribute – a breathless, wild, and exuberant display. And in the spirit of the show, the audience is invited to feel like a part of it – their reactions spur the performers on to ever more incredible acts. Thus the show becomes a thrilling, collective circus experience, ending with a drink under the disco ball when the evening goes from show to party.


Show Duration: 80min/60min Spiegeltent version (no interval)
Audience Suitability: 12+
Stage Size: Min. 10m wide x 8m deep/Height clearance of 7m
Venue Capacity: Up to 800
Touring Party: 11

Claudius Bensch



Creation, Production Design & Performance by: Analog in association with Cirk La Putyka
Co-founder & Performer: Florian Zumkehr
Singer: k.Zia
Percussionist: Lukas Thielecke
Performer: Bertan Canbaldek, Ole Lehmkuhl, Richie Maguire, Manda Rydman, Carlos Zaspel
Creative Coach & Outside Eye: Rostíslav Novák
Lighting Design: Ondřej Kyncl
Musical Arrangement:
Jindřich Kravařík
Music Composition Lukas Thielecke, Florian Zumkehr, Ena Wild


"Eine vor Ideen überbordende circensisch-musikalische Truppe!"
Berliner Morgenpost
"The biggest response from an audience we have ever seen."
"A unique combination of people. You can't see them together anywhere else."