Beethoven 9











Circa has dared to create a physical score for the towering masterpiece of the symphonic repertoire – Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Ten world-class circus artists under the direction of Yaron Lifschitz present Beethoven’s music in its rebellious physical form. Fearless and ferocious, human drama is writ large in Beethoven 9 – with emotionally-charged choreography intricately woven to reflect the powerful score. Extreme skill and dramatic acrobatics play out in this moving anthem for humanity, where the lines between movement, music, dance and theatrics are blurred and boundaries are pushed.


Show Duration: 65min
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: Min. 14m x 4m
Venue Capacity: 500 - 2000
Touring Party: 13

Danielle Devery


Created by: Yaron Lifschitz & the Circa Ensemble
Director: Yaron Lifschitz
Associate Director: Todd Kilby
Costume Design:
Libby McDonnell
Beethoven 9 with Circa was commissioned by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th birthday in 2020.


Beethoven 9
“Lifschitz created an extremely sympathetic embodiment of the score, impressively executed by 10 performers”
The Age
“Circa’s interpretation of the 9th was visceral... shifting between shadow and light, contorting into living sculptures both grotesque and elegant, and all too human.”
Limelight Magazine
“Responsively choreographed to meet musical shapes and textures”
The Australian