21 – Memories of Growing Up
Mats Staub











21 – Memories of Growing Up

When did you turn 21? In this ambitious video installation, Mats Staub explores how world history is mirrored in personal memories. From Germany to South Africa, Australia to Scotland, he interviewed more than 200 people from all age groups and backgrounds about their memories of the year they became an adult – then several months later, asks them to listen back to their words. With warmth, humour and poignancy, 21 is an urgent reminder that we have more in common than sets us apart.


Show Duration: 2-3 hours
Audience Suitability: 12+
Space Size & Capacity: various
Touring Party: 4

Wolfgang Hoffmann



Initiative, Concept, Direction: Mats Staub
Scenography: Monika Schori
Camera: Matthias Stickel, Benno Seidel, Sifiso Khanyile
Sound: Andrea Brunner, Mandla Nkuna

Technical Production:
Hanno Sons, Stefan Goebel, Stefan Komitsch
Translation, Subtitles: Nathalie Rouanet, Françoise Guiguet, David Tushingham, Matthias Stickel
Production Manager: Barbara Simsa, Elisabeth Schack
Producer: zwischen_produktionen


21 – Memories of Growing Up
"I spent four hours… addictive."
The Guardian
"Insightful and poignant; there's something calming and touching about the humanity common to all the interviewees."
The Skinny
"The art of human connection."
CityMag Adelaide