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[[A captivating exploration of primal behaviour created by performers from leading circus companies Gravity & Other Myths, NoFit State Circus, Seven Fingers and Poivre Rose.

The Ritual of courtship, the aggression of competition, the Machiavellian cunning and the simple pleasure of play are brought to life through the entrancing skill of these creatures of different circus backgrounds. Set to an original live soundtrack by award-winning acoustic and percussive guitarist Geordie Little.///Eine fesselnde Untersuchung des Urverhaltens von Künstlern von führenden Zirkuskompanien wie Gravity & Other Myths, NoFit State Circus, Seven Fingers und Poivre Rose.

Das Werberitual, die Aggression der Konkurrenz, die Machiavell'sche List und das simples Spielvergnügen werden durch die beazubernde Kunst dieser Kreaturen mit verschiedenen Zirkushintergründen zum Leben erweckt. Begleitet von dem originalen Live-Soundtrack des preisgekrönten Akustik- und Percussions-Gitarristen Georgy Little.]]


Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2017

Created with support from the City of Stockholm.
Presented in collaboration with Follow the Rabbit

An entrancing display of skills and finesse.
★★★★★  Weekend Notes

A synergy of dynamic and creative forces that is as beautiful as life itself.

...wild creatures in a beautifully controlled acrobatic story.
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[[Show Duration 1 Hour///Dauer 60 Min.]]
[[Audience Suitability General///Altersempfehlung universell]] 
[[Stage Size Min 8m x 8m / Height clearance of 6m///Bühnengröße min. 8m x 8m / Höhe 6m]]
[[Venue Capacity Up to 400///Geeignete Zuschauerzahl bis zu 400]]
[[Touring Party 6///Anzahl Personen auf Tournee 6

Wolfgang Hoffmann