Image credit: Knut Bry

Image credit: Knut Bry


Jo Strømgren Kompani


Physical Theatre

In a remote hospital, three nurses endure the lack of patients by injuring then treating each other, performing their duties on themselves as an alternative to the real thing. Not a healthy activity but it passes the time. A military chopper is constantly passing overhead, revealing a far simpler explanation for their problems.

Physical theatre at its very best: daring, dark, unpredictable and charged with compressed intensity.
The skill and courage … is breathtaking.
A truly original vision is revealed here for anyone who wants their artistic perspective stretched to its limits.

The Guardian

[[Time 7:20pm///Show Zeiten 19:20 Uhr]]

[[Dates Aug 20-25
///Daten 20.-25. August]]

Dance Base (Venue 22)
Studio 1
14-16 Grassmarket
Edinburgh EH1 2JU

[[Duration 60 mins///Dauer 60 Min]]

[[Suitability///Altersempfehlung]] 16+

[[Tickets £11–£13
(Preview £9–£11 on Aug 20) ///Ticketpreise £11–£13
(Vorschau £9–£11 am 20. August)]]

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