Image credit: Darcy Grant

Image credit: Darcy Grant


Underbelly and Gravity & Other Myths


Contemporary Circus/Acrobatics

A high-octane spree of physical virtuosity, Backbone tests the limits of strength: physical, emotional, individual and collective. Staged with a deceptively DIY aesthetic and dispensing of trickery and distraction, this is circus that goes straight for the jugular and leaves no viewer unmoved.
Backbone is the culmination of all that's gone before: a celebration of human connectedness and the meaning of strength, its athletic appeal is run through with a conceptual brilliance that elevates it to a new level. Sexy, sincere, raw yet disciplined, Backbone is proof you can't do the impossible without spending a little sweat.


Circus as you’ve never seen it before, pushed to its conceptual and cerebral limits.
A genre-defying, thought-provoking, visual extravaganza …
so intensely beautiful it makes you proud to be human.


[[Time 5:00pm///Show Zeiten 17:00 Uhr]]

[[Dates Jul 31, Aug 1-6, 8-11, 13-18, 20-26
///Daten 31. Juli, 1.-11., 13.-18. & 20.-26. August)]]

Underbelly, McEwan Hall (Venue 302)
Bristo Square
Teviot Place
Edinburgh EH8 9AG

[[Duration 70 mins///Dauer 70 Min]]

[[Suitability///Altersempfehlung]] 8+

[[Tickets £17.50–£23.50
(Preview £12–£18 until 2nd of Aug) ///Ticketpreise £17.50–£23.50
(Vorschau £12–£18 bis 2. August)]]

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