Show Information

Time: 14:10 - 15:10
Dates: 3 - 28 August (not 9, 14, 21) 
Venue: Assembly George Square - Omnitorium
Duration: 60 minutes

Ticket prices:  
Previews: £9 - 3rd & 4th August
Weekend: £12 (£11)
Week: £11 (£10)



Gabriela Muñoz


"With her whimsical aesthetic, Muñoz transports us to a magical world with her shows, performances and visual artistry."

The Guardian

A heart-wrenching yet hilarious clown piece playing with the idea of loneliness, hope, jealousy, and the longing for true romance. In an era where nothing seems to impress one another anymore, the desire for real connection seems to be the burden of our time. Moving from pathos to humor, Greta, our protagonist, is a lonely woman who rehearses once a week the arrival of the so-called ‘one’. Will she get lucky tonight? Perhaps, perhaps, quizas…