Show Information

Time: Various times
Dates: 3 - 27 August (not 7, 14, 21) 
Venue: Traverse Theatre
Duration: TBC

Ticket prices:  
Previews: £13 (£9) - 3rd August
Weekend: £19.50 (£14.50/£9.50)
Week: £19.50 (£14.50/£9.50)




Bush Theatre


"A tantalising theatrical provocation that breaks down all walls between stage and audience."

The Stage

Dear performer. I want to show you something. Did you know, in Farsi my name is written like this:  ‘.ROUPNAMIELOS MISSAN si eman yM’

Did you know Nassim means ‘breeze’ in Farsi? From Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour, comes an audacious theatrical experiment that explores the power of language to unite us in unknown, uncertain times.

No rehearsals. No preparation. Just a sealed envelope and an actor reading a script for the first time. Plus some tomatoes. And on stage himself, the playwright taking Broadway by storm.

Since its joint premiere in 2011, in Edinburgh and Toronto, Soleimanpour’s play White Rabbit Red Rabbit has been translated into 25 different languages and performed over 1000 times by some of the biggest names in theatre and film, including Sinead Cusack, Ken Loach and Whoopi Goldberg.

Just as each performer arrives unprepared on the day, audiences will also surprised by who is performing alongside Nassim.

"Playful, enigmatic and haunting."

New York Times

Show times:

Thu   3 Aug    1.30pm
Fri    4 Aug    4.00pm
Sat    5 Aug    6.30pm
Sun    6 Aug    9.00pm
Mon    7 Aug    No show
Tue    8 Aug    11.00am
Wed   9 Aug    1.30pm
Thu    10 Aug    3.45pm
Fri     11 Aug    6.15pm
Sat     12 Aug    8.45pm
Sun    13 Aug    11.00am
Mon    14 Aug    No show
Tue    15 Aug    1.30pm
Wed    16 Aug    3.45pm
Thu     17 Aug    6.15pm
Fri      18 Aug    8.45pm
Sat     19 Aug    11.00am
Sun     20 Aug    1.30pm
Mon    21 Aug    No show
Tue    22 Aug    3.45pm
Wed    23 Aug    6.15pm
Thu     24 Aug    8.45pm
Fri      25 Aug    11.00am
Sat      26 Aug    1.30pm
Sun     27 Aug    4.00pm