Show Information

Dates: 7 - 25 August
Times and Prices:
Monday 7, 16:45 In-Progress £5
Tuesday 8, 15:00 In-Progress £5
Friday 11, 11:30 Presentation £10 (£8)
Monday 14, 16:45 In-Progress £5
Tuesday 15, 15:00 In-Progress £5
Friday 18, 15:30 Presentation £10 (£8)
Monday 21, 16:45 In-Progress £5
Tuesday 22, 15:30 In-Progress £5
Friday 25, 15:30 Presentation £10 (£8)
Venue: King's Hall, Backspace
Duration: Varies depending on performance





An inter-disciplinary work from Turtle Island that takes shape around peoples and the land. Indigenous artists of “Canada” invite reputed artists of othered communities to collaborate in artful protest and celebrate the right to do so. ARTICLE 11 has played in the Dominion of Canada under freeways, in museums, and in major municipal headquarters. With Rematriation they declare personal and political sovereignty through dance, image, word and song on the Great White Mother’s home soil. Rematriation is also an active, evolving, installation work that, outside of performance times, can be visited for free throughout the festival.

Every Monday and Tuesday, ARTICLE 11 has 'In-Progress' showings in which they create the work which will be presented on Friday. The space is also open as a free installation everyday from 12:00 to 23:30 in between regular performances in the King's Hall Backspace or Mainspace.