Show Information

Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Dates: 4 - 28 August
Venue: Assembly Studios: Four
Duration: 60 minutes
Ticket prices: Previews on 4 & 5 August: £8
                      Week: £10
                      Weekend: £12



Nassim Soleimanpour 


Wildly unpredictable and completely unforgettable.... a testament to the power of words to transcend cultures and borders. You have to be there.
— New Zealand Herald
A stunning piece of theatre, thought-provoking and morally unsettling.
— Fringereview

Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour was denied a passport because of his status as conscientious objector. Unable to travel, he wrote a play which, since its premiere in 2011, has taken audiences by storm and been celebrated worldwide as one of the most transformative and original evenings in theatre.

Every performance is unique - and a surprise for the brave actor who is not allowed to see the script until the moment they arrive on stage, joining the audience on a journey into the unknown; stumbling upon the personal and profound, the limits of liberty and ultimately where theatre can take you, with or without a passport. Previous performers include Whoopi Goldberg, John Hurt, Stephen Rea, Sinead Cusack, Marcus Brigstocke, Nathan Lane and film maker Ken Loach. 

A different actor for every performance. 

Thursday, 4 August 16: Simon McCallum
Friday, 5 August 16: Grant O'Rourke
Saturday, 6 August 16: Cariad Lloyd
Sunday, 7 August 16: Desiree Burch
Monday, 8 August 16: Libby McArthur
Tuesday, 9 August 16: Morna Young
Wednesday, 10 August 16: James Runcie
Thursday, 11 August 16: Joseph Morpurgo
Friday, 12 August 16: Kim Allan
Saturday, 13 August 16: Deborah Findlay
Sunday, 14 August 16: Tim Williams
Monday, 15 August 16: Nicola Jo Cully
Tuesday, 16 August 16: Justin Edwards
Wednesday, 17 August 16: Hannah Norris
Thursday, 18 August 16: Joyce Falconer
Friday, 19 August 16: Helen Belbin
Saturday, 20 August 16: Cal MacAninch
Sunday, 21 August 16: David McGowan
Monday, 22 August 16: Joanna Tope
Tuesday, 23 August 16: Melody Grove
Wednesday, 24 August 16: Richard Gadd
Thursday, 25 August 16: Sean Biggerstaff
Friday, 26 August 16: Alison Peebles
Saturday, 27 August 16: Hannah Donaldson
Sunday, 28 August 16: Elf Lyons