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[[Time: 12:05pm///Show Zeiten: 12:05 Uhr]]

[[Dates: 5th - 30th August 2015
(no performance on Aug 17th or 24th)
///Daten: 5. - 30. August 2015 (außer 17. & 24.) ]]

[[Venue: SummerHall, 
1 Summerhall Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL ///Veranstaltungsort: SummerHall,, 1 Summerhall Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL, Großbritannien]]

[[Duration: 75 mins///Dauer: 75 min]]

[[Suitability: PG///Altersempfehlung: PG]]

[[Tickets: £8 - £10
(Previews-£6 from 5th to 7th of Aug) ///Ticketpreise: £10.00 regulär, £8.00 ermäßigt]]


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Volker Gerling          


Art could not be quieter, simpler or more beautiful. Tagesanzeiger Zürich

“NEVER judge a book by its cover” is particularly true of the humble flip book which isn’t even a book but rather a primitive form of miniature movie. The German word for flip book: Daumenkino -literally thumb cinema- seems a more fitting term. 

Volker Gerling is a passionate creator of flip books and an intrepid traveller. Since 2003 he has walked over 3,500km throughout his native Germany, inviting people to visit his travelling “thumb cinema” exhibition and creating flipbook portraits of some of the people he meets along the way.

In the show, Portraits in Motion, Gerling shows the audience a selection of his favourite flip books by holding each one under a video camera so that its moving images are projected onto a large screen. In a series of enchanting and precious moments the people he photographed come to life on screen as he shares the heart-warming and moving stories behind each image.

Volker Gerling’s flipbook movies are artistic miniatures full of life and emotion – a poetic sensation. Augsburger Zeitung

Gerling has achieved nothing less than a new form of theatre.
Theater der Zeit