Show Information

Time: 18:00 - 19:00
Dates: 3 - 14 August
Venue: Gilded Balloon at the Museum
Duration: 60 minutes
Ticket prices:  £12
Previews 3-5 August: £10


Those present will surely feel privileged to have experienced something magical...something different...something life-affirming.
— The Journal


Maria Rud, Dj Dolphin Boy and David Heath

United Kingdom

Having launched The AniMotion Show with Dame Evelyn Glennie at The National Museum of Scotland Grand Gallery in October 2012, Russian artist Maria Rud brings the show back as part of the Gilded Balloon at the Museum programme.

Last year's spectacular Fringe outdoor run revealed some of the overlaps between the show and contemporary theatre. For this year’s Fringe show, that theatrical aspect is teased out further with the premier of Peace and War.

Maria paints live to original music written and performed by DJ Dolphin Boy and virtuoso flautist/composer David Heath, longstanding collaborators of the show. As the music performance shifts steadily from the pastoral to the demonic, Maria’s dream-like painted narratives - projected live onto a screen – develop accordingly. The intensity of Maria’s brushstrokes and imagery trace an inexorable descent from peace to war. Don’t, however, come expecting some visual morality tale or reflection on the futility of war. Prepare yourself instead for a metaphysical journey that traces the fragility of the peace humanity enjoys and the hell of war it endures.

Maria Rud’s groundbreaking AniMotion Show brings together a
heady mix of live art and music with architecture and state-of-the art technology to produce a mesmerising visual and aural feast.
— The Scotsman