Show Information

Show Duration: 60 minutes
Audience Suitability: 12+
Stage Size: Min. 7m wide x 5m deep / Height clearance of 5m
Venue Capacity: Up to 600
Touring Party: 6

Booking Contact: Heleen De Boever

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Upcoming Shows

7 February - 30 May: Théâtre Antoine, Paris, France
3 May: Le Briscope, Brignais, France
4 May: Théâtre Municipal, Coulommiers, France
4 - 5 June: Théâtre Scene Nationale, Poitiers, France
1 July: PERPLX Circusfestival, Kortrijk, Belgium

Previous Shows


Poyo Rojo in association with Aurora Nova


★★★★★ "Hilarious, technically mind-blowing piece which calls itself physical theatre but defies genre"

Broadway Baby

In an empty locker room, two men play with movement, an analogue radio and tiny shorts. The athletic bodies of Luciano Rosso and Alfonso Barón move fluently from wrestling to dance, acrobatics to physical comedy in an irresistible distortion of the expectations of manhood. A funny, raw, playful hour interspersed with competitiveness and camaraderie as well as seduction and sabotage, that showcases the best of Argentinian contemporary dance.

"A tour-de-force takedown of virile peacocking, performed with adroit and irresistable comic timing and charisma by Alfonso Baron and Luciano Rosso."

The Stage

★★★★ “Un Poyo Rojo doesn't just arch a brow at masculinity, it takes a cigarette from it, then blows smoke in its face.”

 The Sunday Times