All Genius All Idiot

Svalbard Company


Physical Theatre / Circus


There is a fine line between the genius and the idiot, similar to the conflict within ourselves: the battle between the instinct and the intellect. What makes us a genius and what makes us an idiot?

Quirky and outrageous in equal measure All Genius All Idiot revels in the absurdities of life, using extreme circus artistry to highlight human behaviour at its most animalistic. Svalbard bends the edges of contemporary circus and blends it with theatre, physical comedy and live music to create a truly original piece that you will remember for its surreal quality as well as its awe-inspiring skills. All Genius All Idiot features Chinese pole, aerial rope, hand balance and acrobatics, driven by a hauntingly beautiful and at times bizarre original soundtrack, played live by the performers. 


WINNER Weekly award 'Best circus and physical theatre' at Adelaide Fringe 2016


"Never has a show been better named. Crazy, anarchic and all over the place with high octane energy. Arriving just in time and taking one of the last seats at the very front, I felt I was at the brunt of a rollercoaster, along for the ride." - Lucy Loves Theatre


[[Show Duration:  60 mins
Audience Suitability: 12+
Stage Size: min. 9.5m wide x 10m deep, grid clearance of 6m
Venue Capacity: up to 1,000
Touring Party: 5
Booking Contact: Donatas Tarasevicius ///Dauer:
60 Minuten
Altersempfehlung: 12+
Bühnengröße: Min. Breite 9.5m x Tiefe 10m, Höhe 6m
Geeignete Zuschauerzahl: bis 1.000
Anzahl Personen auf Tournee: 5
Kontakt für Informationen und Buchung: Donatas Tarasevicius]]

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Presented in collaboration with Follow the Rabbit

Svalbard Company is a Sweden-based emerging circus company, composed of 4 young international performers that met at Stockholm’s University of Dance and Circus. All Genius All Idiot is their debut show.


"All Genius All Idiot is circus as a liminal act, on the edge between civilisation and the wilds, between circus and music, between animal and human, between the genders, between and the real and otherworldly. It is a hedonistic celebration of the Bacchanalian spirit." - Total Theatre, Thomas JM Wilson

”A visceral, gender-bending display of strength and creativity, All Genius All Idiot is not like any other circus performance you will see. It is as diverse as the characters themselves – filled with complexity and contradiction.” - Lisa Banks, Rip it up

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Show Credits

Performed & created by: Benjamin Smith, John Simon Wiborn, Tom Brand, Santiago Ruiz Albalate
Artistic collaboration with: Peter Jasko
Scenography: Kasper Svenstrup Hansen
Lightdesign: Zuzana Režná
Exterior eye: Methinee Wongtrakoon
Exterior eye/Acrobatic coach: Bahoz Temaux
Musical exterior eye: Mae Karthäuser
Costume: Michiel Tange van Leeuwen
Touring Technician: Jose Carlos Ferrer Hernandez

Producer/Agency: Josefin Lindberg/Follow the Rabbit & Wolfgang Hoffman/Aurora Nova