[[Show Duration: 50 minutes
Audience Suitability: 5+ ///Dauer: 50 Min
Altersempfehlung: 5+]]
[[Stage Size:  3,5m depth x 4,5m wide x 3,5m height clearance
Venue Capacity: 100 - 700
Touring Party: 4 ///Bühnengröße: 3,5m Tiefe x 4,5m Breite x 3,5m Höhe
Geeignete Zuschauerzahl: 100 - 700
Anzahl Personen auf Tournee: 4]]

[[Booking Contact: Heleen De Boever heleen@auroranova.org ///
Kontakt für Informationen und Buchung: Heleen De Boever
heleen@auroranova.org ]]

Presented in collaboration with Follow the Rabbit.

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I Am Somebody

Sirqus Alfon


Physical comedy

Hailing from Sweden, Sirqus Alfon brings a unique combination of beatboxing, clowning, chaos and comedy to the stage – including lasers. Skillfully crafting a high-tech performance imbued with rhythm, humour and a touch of magic, they represent a genre entirely of their own in which the audience gets to be the star of the show.

A crossover of artistic creation and stage engineering solutions, I Am Somebody provides an immersive experience of light & sound like you’ve never witnessed before.

A show for the internet generation... and everyone else.

★★★★ "The way they use light, cameras, live feeds and sound is so skilful as to inspire genuine awe." - To Do List

Swedish Sirqus Alfon started out on the streets of Berlin and ended up touring the stages. Utilizing their personalities as a starting point for drama and physical tension, these performers weave an infectious spell of unbridled insanity. Chaotic adventure with technical solutions that you have never seen on the stage before makes Sirqus Alfon a unique experience. Nobody can sit still and nobody can be unaffected by their tremendous love for the audience. 

★★★★ "They could coax even the tamest audience into cheering, clapping and stomping their evening away." - EdfringeReview

★★★★ "You could see it twice (or three times) and be as entertained and mesmerised as you were the first time." - Fritzmag

"A smorgasbord of frantic comedy, anarchistic creativity and hypomanic whim. Simply magic." - Today's News Sweden


Show Credits

Creators & performers: Sirqus Alfon (Martin Östman, Erik Rosales, Henrik Strindberg)
Composer: Sirqus Alfon
Outside eye: Hugo Hansén
Assistant choreographer: Sofia Södergård
Costume: Helena Andersson
Make-up: Agnes Kenttä
Creative producer: Follow the Rabbit/Josefin Lindberg
Photo credit: Klara Granberg

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5 - 7 & 15 - 16 May: Brighton Fringe, Brighton, UK