Remain Restless



New Circus / Dance

The highly skilled female performers in Remain Restless combine acrobatics and dance in this refreshingly playful exploration of feminine relationships. How can we share without losing something? What does it mean to share time? Stories? Space? Bodies?

Show Duration: 1 Hour
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: Min 10x8m, 6m height clearance
Venue Capacity: 200 to 500
Touring Party: 5

Booking Contact: Belinda Murphy

Twisting, climbing, swinging, pulling - the four artists find support in each other’s outstreched arms…but not always. Team work sometimes turns to teasing with feuds battled and sides taken as the dancers remain restless! The clever use of nets and rope presents a fresh and original take on aerial work with beautiful, often very funny, images.

Remain Restless expertly mixes thrilling circus skills with dance and physical comedy in this intense and memorable performance.      

"Not just contemporary circus but scenic theatre of the best kind - tumultuous applause!" Märkische Allegemeine