Red Bastard

Eric Davis
(in association with David Berga)    

Emerging onto a bare stage, as if from the depths of the underworld, comes Red Bastard: a giant, bulbous devil, graceful as a ballerina, tricky as a jester. He delicately leads the audience through a no holds-barred theatrical master class demanding to know nothing less than the existential query, “Who the hell do you think you are?”

Anything can and will happen as Red Bastard lures the audience into raw conversation, provocations, traps, rewards, and catch 22’s — encouraging risk and personal discovery.

Show Duration: 70 minutes
Audience Suitability: 16 +
Stage Size: min. 2m x 4m /  raked seating preferred
Venue Capacity: 200 
Touring Party:

Booking Contact: Dani Rae


Best Solo Performance
Ottawa Fringe

Best Theater
Community Commitment Award

Most Outrageous Show
Hollywood Fringe

Best of the Fest
Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver & Ottawa Fringes

Voted One of Top 5 Theatre  Productions 2013 -The List, UK

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17 - 23 February: Perth Fringe, Australia
4 - 16 March: Adelaide Fringe, Australia
8 - 13 April: Butterfly Club, Melbourne, Australia
15 - 20 April: Butterfly Club, Melbourne, Australia
29 April - 6 May: Pleasance, London, UK
16 - 20 May: Brighton Fringe, UK
23 - 24 May: Norfolk and Norwich Fringe, UK
29 May: International Physical Theatre Festival Liverpool, UK


Brady Arts Centre, London
Herbst & Weinfest, Radebeul
Waves Festival, Denmark
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Winnipeg Fringe Festival
Ottawa Fringe Festival
Sacred Fools Theater, Los Angeles
People's Improv Theater, New York
Theatre 99, Charleston, USA
Chicken John's Warehouse, San Francisco


His Mission: Charm, Disarm, Shock and Seduce. His Target: You! 
The audience finds itself changing seats, yelling, posing and singing. Red Bastard offers us a contract: "Risk and you will be rewarded". The show is entirely in our hands. “If you’re daring and courageous enough to tell the truth, this show could get very interesting”

"Painfully funny, shocking and disarming. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time and I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun as part of an audience.” British Theatre Guide Review

“…bizarrely hilarious... has to be seen to be believed... he cruelly assumes we love him and want to be like him, which by the end of his set turns out to be true.” Time Out, New York

“Extremely contagious… Davis puts everything he has into his character.” Village Voice