Pandora 88

Wolfgang Hoffmann & Sven Till     


Physical Theatre / Dance

Two men, stuck in a box the size of a lift, find unusual and unforgettable ways to come to terms with their imprisonment. Wonderfully inventive and delightful movement theatre piece about proximity, friendship and the unlimited freedom of our imagination.

Show Duration: 1 Hour
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: Min 10mx10m/ Height clearance of 5.5m
Venue Capacity: 200 to 500
Touring Party:

Booking Contact: Belinda Murphy


Fringe First Award
Herald Angel Award
Total Theatre Award
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2003
Grand Festival Prize
Fadjr Festival, Tehran 2011

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Restricted and on top of each other, literally, Wolfgang and Sven begin to feel out the spatial limits of their prison and, with engaging humour, the limits of themselves as they climb the walls, the roof and each other. From scenes of strength to incredible tenderness, little is said but all is revealed with an intense, claustrophobic clarity as the two finally begin to find ways to come to terms with their confinement and the unnatural intimacy forced upon them.

Part dance, part theatre, with incredible lighting design and original music, multi-award winning Pandora 88 is a hauntingly memorable and stunningly beautiful performance.

“This is one of the most captivating shows in Edinburgh.” The Guardian

“Magnetic, electrifying and utterly beautiful.” Edinburgh Guide

 “A deeply moving piece … One of the funniest and most intense choreographies you will see on this year’s Fringe.” The Herald