Have I No Mouth

(in association with Quaternaire)

Feidlim’s father died 12 years ago but his death could have been prevented. This powerful piece by one of Ireland’s most daring independent theatre companies, explores the changing nature of the relationship between real life mother and son Ann and Feidlim Cannon in the aftermath of a family tragedy.

Join them as they take a brave, unflinching look at the past, with their real life pyschotherapist in an attempt to piece together the truth in this highly original and courageous performance. 

Show Duration: 70 minutes
Audience Suitability: 12+
Stage Size: Min 10x10m/ Height clearance of 5.5m
Venue Capacity: 200 to 500
Touring Party: 6

Booking Contact: Dani Rae dani@auroranova.org


Total Theatre Award 
Innovation, Experimentation and Playing with Form - 
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2013

One of the Top Ten Theatre Shows of 2013 - The Guardian 

Previous Shows



English Theatre, Berlin / Germany
Edinburgh Festival Fringe / Scotland

Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York / USA

Push Festival, Vancouver / Canada

Brokentalkers are a Dublin based theatre company renowned internationally for their pioneering and socially engaged productions. Productions that speak of the real life experiences of the participants in an authentic and highly theatrical way.

"Gentle and forlorn, angry and yearning, “Have I No Mouth” is a chronicle of grief and healing still actively underway." 
The New York Times

This is one of the bravest shows I've ever seen." Huffington Post

“Impressively honest. Profoundly engaging, riveting, utterly compelling. Brokentalkers most concentrated angry and discreetly political show yet.“  The Irish Times

"Brokentalkers' have yet again produced a raw, poignant, and deeply moving piece of excruciatingly honest storytelling, delivered here with simplicity and poise." Irish Theatre Magazine

“Bold in its execution and refreshingly honest in its portrayal of grief.” The Times, UK