USA / Switzerland

Physical Theatre

This is a cabaret seen through a haze of confetti, smoke and pulsing lights straight from the depths of Europe’s nightlife.

Eight close friends come together to share stories and take their crazy ideas and competition with each other as far as they can, one finale after another. These are true friendships between this group of world class acrobats and musicians - some new, some with long histories.

[[Show Duration:  60 minutes (no interval) followed by a party
Audience Suitability: 12 and over 
Stage Size: Min 10m wide x 8m deep / Height clearance of 7m
Venue Capacity: Up to 800
Touring Party: 12

Booking Contact: Belinda Murphy 60 Min. (keine Pause)
Altersempfehlung: 12+
Bühnengröße: Min. 10 m Breite x 8 m Tiefe / Höhe 7m
Geeignete Zuschauerzahl: Bis 800
Anzahl Personen auf Tournee: 12
Kontakt für Informationen und Buchung: Wolfgang Hoffmann]]

Previous Shows 


27 - 28 April: Baltoppen LIVE, Ballerup, Denmark
25 - 27 August: Berlin Circus Festival, Berlin, Germany


19 - 21 July: Jatka 78, Prague, Czech Republic
18 - 21 August: Noorderzon Festival, Groningen, Netherlands



Set to the unique voice of Ena Wild and the heavy drum beat of Merlin Ettore, the unconventional and DIY attitude of Finale has an original aesthetic and a raw energy that is unique. The influences on stage are diverse, ranging from the Berlin underground music scene, to movie stunts, and traditional circus. The spirit of the show maintains that the audience are not just voyeurs invited to peek through a window, but active participants who can be pulled on stage at any moment and invited for a drink with the cast on stage under a disco ball after the bows when the night transitions from a show to a party 

In addition to typical theatre settings, Finale is perfect for site specific shows in unique locations.

"The biggest response from an audience we have ever seen."

"A unique combination of people. You can't see them together anywhere else."


Upcoming shows


24 February - 19 August: Chamäleon, Berlin, Germany

Show Credits:

Creation, Production Design and Performance by Analog in association with Cirk La Putyka

Florian Zumkehr - Co-founder & Performer
Ena Wild - Singer
Lukas Thielecke - Percussionist
Manda Rydman - Performer
Carlos Zaspel - Performer
Bertan Canbaldek - Performer
Richie Maguire - Performer
Ole Lehmkuhl - Performer

Rosťislav Novák - Creative guide
Eike von Stuckenbrock - Outside eye