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Inspired by 80s teen films, Filament follows 8 characters and their coming-of-age stories. When the new kid in town comes across a particular group of friends, the audience is thrown into a world of lively personalities, all figuring out themselves and each other.

This new approach to storytelling combines astonishing circus skills with tales of love, self-discovery, acceptance, and betrayal. Modern circumstances blend with situations relatable to diverse generations and cultures. Mix in dazzling lights and an infectious soundtrack, Filament shines a fresh yet familiar light on acrobatic theater. 

[[Show Duration:  75 min (no interval)
Audience Suitability: 10+
Stage Size: 10m wide x 8m deep. Height clearance of 8m above thrust

Venue Capacity: 200-700
Touring Party: 10

Booking Contact: Wolfgang Hoffmann, 75 Min. (keine Pause)
Altersempfehlung: 10+
Bühnengröße: 10m Breite x 8m Tiefe x 8m Höhe
Geeignete Zuschauerzahl: 200-700
Anzahl Personen auf Tournee: 10
Kontakt für Informationen und Buchung: Wolfgang Hoffmann]]

“Fascinating, amazing, wonderful, unreal, a kick ass show!” – Trutnovinky

“We witnessed a new artistic circus, which inspired us not only to focus on the importance of a theatrical line, but also to fully appreciate the entire execution” –Tanečníaktuality

★★★★ "The show takes traditional circus performances and entwines them with a youthful story of love, friendship and identity ... [providing] an endearing and heartfelt narrative that explores the often-trivialised issues challenging this generation." - Great Scott

Show Credits:

Writer and Director: Joseph Pinzon
Production Manager and Assistant Director: Tanya Burka
Technical Director and Lighting Designer: Brian Kim
Choreographer: Paul McGill
Dramaturg: Teri Gamble
Costume Designers: Malia Miyashiro-Harmon and Odile Hautemulle
Sound Engineer: Christopher Given Harrison
Production Assistant: Lena Ries
Guest Coaches: Faon Shane and Felice Aguilar
Executive Producers: Anastacio and Delinia Pinzon, Thayr Harris, Irene Santos

Performers: Masha Terentieva, Leilani Franco, Nick van der Heyden, Anna Kichtchenko, Tom Ball, Julian Schulz, Thula Moon Martin, Bertan Canbeldek


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Previous shows


Panama Club, Royal Croquet Club, Adelaide Fringe, Australia


CirkUFF, Trutnov, Czech Republic