[[Time: 10:50am///Show Zeiten: 10:50 Uhr]]

[[Dates: 2nd - 26th August 2018
(no performance on 13th and 20th Aug)
///Daten: 2. - 26. August 2018, (außer am 13. & 20. August)]]

[[Venue: Summerhall - Old Lab (Venue 26), 1 Summerhall, EH9 1PL.

///Veranstaltungsort: Summerhall - Old Lab (Venue 26), 1 Summerhall, EH9 1PL, Großbritannien. ]]

[[Duration: 30 mins///Dauer: 30 min]]

[[Suitability: 8+ ///Altersempfehlung: 8+]]

[[Tickets:  £9 (£7 concession)///Ticketpreise:  £9 (£7 ermäßigt) ]]



Chaliwaté Company and Focus Company        


North Pole, 4am. Under a snowstorm powerful enough to wrestle with a sequoia, a used-up van finds its way across the icecap. Three reporters land on the ice as if stepping on the moon for the first time. A bear stares straight at them. The team gets ready...

"Wonderful discovery (...) It’s funny, lively, creative.” Catherine Makereel, Le Soir

“BACKUP is a jewel of creativity and humour, our heart’s choice for 2018.” Le Suricate Magazine