COUNTING SHEEP: A Guerilla Folk Opera

Lemon Bucket Orkestra


Music, Immersive theatre

In January 2014, Mark Marczyk touched down in Kiev and was quickly thrust into a nation on the eve of revolution - a volatile, whirlwind of tragedy, mixed with hope and solidarity, torn apart by brutal violence. The events of 2014, initially a broad-based grassroots movement, became a national event, capturing the world’s interest and splashed across front pages around the globe. 

Sung in traditional Ukrainian polyphony and bolstered by first-hand footage from behind the barricades, Counting Sheep is an electrifying exploration of the 2014 revolution. Sing, march, protest, dance, eat, help, recoil, fight, laugh, cry, Counting Sheep invites you to heed this rousing call to arms led by guerrilla-folk party-punks Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

Show Duration: 75 - 90 mins
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: To discuss. The performance adapts to the space it is in.  
Venue Capacity: 30-250
Touring Party: 19

Booking Contact: Wolfgang Hoffmann


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Inspired by Mark and his wife Marichka's personal experiences in the revolution, Counting Sheep plays with themes of national pride and human rights and navigates the tipping point between party and revolt.

The exuberant musical performances and vibrant visuals offer a clear view into the lived experiences of those who were involved in the Maidan, and, to an extent, any modern day political revolution. Anticipation, excitement, fear, loss, anger and the will to keep fighting - audience members are by the Revolutionaries' side, riding the wave of each emotion.

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