Photo: Amanda Russell

Photo: Amanda Russell

Show Time
: 4:00pm
Duration: 65 mins
Suitability: U
Venue: New Town Theatre, 96 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 3DH
Dates: 31 July - 24 August 2014 (except 6th, 12th & 18th of August)


by Jamie Adkins  (Canada)

Presented by Drôles De Dames

“Magical moments... seamless and impressive” New York Times

“Graceful athleticism and perfect comic timing” New York Post

Someone should throw him flowers!

Vaudevillian master performer Jamie Adkins needs minimal props to create theatrical magic in his family-friendly Circus Incognitus. The veteran of Montreal's Cirque Eloize combines clowning, juggling and acrobatics in a delightfully silly show that has kids and adults alike giggling from the first moment to the last. Performing his mostly silent, intricately choreographed mayhem with the deadpan aplomb of Buster Keaton, Adkins makes it all look easy. But his proficiency is apparent, whether he's climbing a ladder that quickly falls apart or catching oranges thrown by the audience on a fork clenched between his teeth. His irresistible character heroically battles with the everyday objects of life, permanently on the verge of disaster in this moving, refreshingly low tech, comic jewel.

Created and performed by Jamie Adkins