Show Information

Show Duration: 60 minutes
Audience Suitability: General
Stage Size: min. 6m wide x 6m deep / Height clearance of 6m
Venue Capacity: Recommended for up to 450 seats
Touring Party: 4

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Show Credits
Created and performed by Mikkel Hobitz and Julien Auger


Upcoming Performances

20 - 21 April: Jatka78, Prague, Czech Republic

Previous Performances

Festival Up, Brussels, Belgium

SUBCASE, Stockholm, Sweden

100% Circus



Two men wearing skirts are going through weird experiments.
Sometimes they obviously play with the nerves of the audience.
Sometimes they clearly do their best – and fail.
Sometimes they should obviously fail – but surprise with the success.

The audience does not know what to believe anymore and has to face a demonstration of tricks that belongs to a myths or story telling.
Eternal apnea
One finger stand
Hair hanging
A shrimp lifting a titan
An aluminium pipe that sounds like an alphorn
A credible levitation

All of this developed in a chill and meditative atmosphere with a pinch of some Monty Pythonesque humour.
A big glittery curtain as scenography.
The soundtrack is mixing live and recorded traditional music with surprising music from around the globe. 


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